Beyond Myria

A land of Iron Heroes (using first edition Iron Heroes by Monte Cook, Malhavoc Press)


Journals of the Elders
Tellings of the Skalds

Summary of History known
  • [1] Wendigo identified as threat somehow.
  • [2] Raenis begins his journey with his brother Niper/Gniepr from the city of Tywyn (meaning "On the sea")
  • [3] Along the way they meet with the leaders of many tribes, to ask for their pledge to fight the Wendigo and a champion to be found to represent them.
  • [4] Also some unknown race or spirits called dvarf aided them with crafting and magic
  • [5] The coterie of champions is completed by a highlander from the Kumsbin mountains and a Wolvun called Gerthwyn
  • [6] The army is joined by recruits of all the races and tribes pledged to fight the Wendigo
  • [7] Gerthwyn conducts some unknown sorcery against an agreement with Raenis
  • [8] Gerthwyn - now transformed by a demon spirit - seems to interfere in the campaign against the Wendigo somehow
  • [9] Raenis seems to think that his coterie and army will fail in fighting the Wendigo, so he prepares to stop Gerthwyn (now the Adelmada) to save something of the tribes
  • [10] The "loremasters" aid him in preserving some artefacts, knowledge and wisdom in case the worst should happen and agree to lead survivors to Tywyn
  • [11] Raenis traps Adelmada/Gerthwyn's spirit inside his body and sets up the physical/magical/spiritual prison to keep her there.
  • [12] The Wendigo rite succeeds and the sun loses it's power
  • [13] It seems that the Adelbrood (the Wolvun spawned of the Adelmada) hunted on the Lupin and other races for some time, before settling into a hunter-raider culture. Breeding with men, the Wolvun blood was seriously diluted and the demon blood suppressed.
  • [14] Hundreds, possibly thousands of years later, the Adelmada's power is stronger and her Adelbrood of Wolvun awaken and take over the Cadinoc tribes

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